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High visit at 1789: Last Saturday we sat together with the Federal Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Andrea Nahles and the parliamentary candidate Oliver Strank to talk about the shift in the paradigm of working in organizations. In the course of our discussion, one aspect was pointed out in particular — the ongoing digitization of organizations and its individual impact on the people working in this increasingly uncertain environment. It became clear that the so-called Digital Revolution cannot only be linked to terms like Industry 4.0 or Internet of Things. In fact, we have to talk about Working 4.0 or how we call it: Work Today.


“It’s not a faith in technology. It’s faith in people.” (Steve Jobs)


Ultimately, new technologies can be defined as artifacts that have to be filled with meaning. Whether a particular technology can be considered successful, depends on the mere fact that people are able to use it as originally intended. Sure thing, technology is a major enabler of organizational change but in the end, it’s quite simple: Technology is a people’s business. An opinion we definitely shared with our two visitors!

Furthermore, we discussed the relevance of management and working methods like Agile or Design Thinking — once implemented successfully, the positive influence of these concepts is indisputable. Nevertheless, we all agreed that this might be accompanied by unexpected issues as well. In the first instance, this especially applies to companies which do not possess the structures needed for deep-driven organizational change. No matter what the initiative is about, change primarily requires one very basic “skill”: The intrinsic motivation and thus the absolute willingness to change yourself and the people around you. The quick wins once promised by the manifold (digital) methods and management styles can only be realized when the respective organization understands change as a natural habit. Like we discussed in one of our recent blog posts, this is first and foremost about a systemic (mindset) shift concerning our economic beliefs.

Looking back, it was a great honor to meet with the Federal Minister of Labour and Social Affairs and a parliamentary candidate to exchange ideas about the future working world. Thanks to all the people who were involved in this — especially to our friends from the Frankfurter TechQuartier. We are definitely looking forward to continue the conversation! If you are interested in joining the discussion about the shifts in our society, please leave a comment or get in touch with us.

I am Human, Co-Founder and CEO at 1789 — Beyond Revolution, a strategic consultancy with the focus of understanding the patterns of change and guiding organizations to reach their desired future state. Do you agree or disagree with my thoughts? Do you want to share your stories? Please leave a comment below.




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