Hacking Corporate Cultures.

To enable responsive organizations.

No matter what the initiative is about – our goal is to guide leaders with strategies and actions to unleash the potential of their people to work in empowered, self-managed teams with a sense of entrepreneurship and enable responsive organizations to emerge and sustain.

There is no algorithm for transformative change.
We can only be successful with our mission when our „clients“ become „participants“ in our network and share our vision.

Through our work, we experienced that our clients and participants can cope with complexity and start to work with us when applying the following three “initiative styles”.

(Please note that these styles are for guidance. Every initiative has its specialties).

Best for guiding leaders to position their teams and organization in times of uncertainty and complexity.
(2 – 8 week initiatives)

We guide leaders in times of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity to find viable directions by applying research and design-led approaches.

Leadership training and hands-on coaching on strategies and methodologies. Positioning workshops to outline purpose, vision and „battle-plan“. Crafting the narrative for the change story, identifying the „innovators“ and „early adopters“ within the organization and starting to seed the change. 

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Best for empowering existing and new teams to create true innovation.

(2 – 6 months initiatives)

We will train the teams on site or embed them in our ecosystem to immerse themselves in an entrepreneurial culture – designing and implementing new structures, procedures, and habits to create truly innovative products and services.

We fuel the growth portfolio and assist leadership by evaluating the initiatives. In addition, we will give access to our network and bring further participants into the team with expertise, views, and ideas

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Best for integrating innovation into the whole organization.

(initiatives longer than 6 months)

Transforming an organization is a long-lasting and messy process. Together with our network, we can accompany the organization in its journey by assuring that the products and services are viable beyond the experimental phase. Furthermore, we ensure that the new structures sustain and grow within the organization.

This includes operationalizing and scaling change by uncovering the impact on systems, organizations, and processes while creating adaptive tactics and procedures to guide forward to the desired future state.

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